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There are more and more buildings with dirt on their facades. Some are green, some are grey, some are black. These are buildings intended for housing, but they are also public administration buildings, older office buildings, even industrial buildings. What do they have in common? Improper surface treatment and neglected maintenance.

The fact that the facade is dirty usually means that it is biologically infested. One of the most widespread problems is the occurrence of algae and mould. However, it is important to remember that this is not just a problem of aesthetically unacceptable appearance! A dirty facade poses several other risks. Intense mould growth on the façade surface also poses a health risk. It is a threat especially for allergic people, because mould, resp. their disputes, enter the apartments through the windows during ventilation. Another risk of a dirty facade is the gradual degradation of the surface layer. The aggressive environment in areas of algae and mould strongly erodes the surface layers of the insulation. The plaster is damaged, through which moisture enters the reinforcement base layer, which is destroyed by this moisture. Gradually, more damage is done and, consequently, significantly more investment is made in the rehabilitation of the system. Sometimes it is even necessary to partially dismantle the system! It is also worth mentioning that for buildings with an attacked facade, we must take into account the degradation of the value of the property itself!

Facade paints in the Caparol Clean Concept programme

ThermoSan NQG

– NQG crosslinked nano-quartz particle technology
– long-lasting clean and colour stable facades
– with encapsulated algae and mould preservatives
– high water vapour permeability and low water absorption


– micro-armed with carbon fibres
– photocatalytic effect
– nanoporous structure (low adhesion to contamination)
– dry surfaces
– dual hydroeffect (low water absorption)
– extreme opacity


– more than 60 years on the European market
– SilaCryl® technology
– brilliant colours
– maximum protection against water and weather
– more than one million shades ensure an extraordinary variety of colours

Frequently Asked Questions

The price depends on the degree of dirt, the type of surface and local conditions.

Cleaning consists of applying a fungicidal agent and then rinsing with water at the correct temperature and pressure.

Our cleaning products are 100% biodegradable and do not harm the environment or other things around.

Washed Facade will undertake to repair or cover the cost of the damage.

In many cases, humidity and the proximity of greenery are to blame, which promotes pollution and poor drying of the facade. The north-facing walls that receive the least sunlight are the most affected. The infestation not only leads to “greening”, but also to the disruption of the facade of the house.


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