The façade has not only an aesthetic but also a practical function

A clean, well-maintained facade is the best calling card of any property owner. Whether you own an apartment building, a single-family home or a business, always remember that your property shows who you really are. For example, for businesses, a nice facade is the key to getting potential customers to walk into your business premises. Of course, a nicely landscaped house also makes a very pleasant impression on your visit. Let your house impress and order our company to help you with facade painting.

In addition to their aesthetic function, facade coatings also have a protective function. Protect your home from external influences such as smog, dust, pollen, mould, viruses and bacteria. High-quality facade coatings will help you protect your house against the weather for many years. They insulate the building against moisture ingress, protect the plaster from acid rain and wind erosion. In addition, the new facade shade will give your house a completely new look that will not only entertain you, but also your neighbours. We will transform your family home, prefabricated house and company headquarters into an elegant property that will shine among the surrounding buildings.

Order our services for:

  • painting of house facades
  • painting of facades of apartment buildings
  • painting of facades of prefabricated houses
  • coatings of facades of commercial buildings
  • painting of facades of historical buildings, public buildings and institutions
  • painting of facades of hotels, schools, kindergartens, restaurants and other properties


Why care for the facade

Even the best quality façade will begin to corrode or weather over time. However, the service life can be significantly extended with the right protective coating. Our company specializes in painting and renovation of facades.

We carry out colour and protective coatings on facades from ladders, scaffolding and our own aerial platforms. With years of experience, our own resources and skilled craftsmen, we will repair your facade so that it looks like new. And we do it in a short time, so as to disrupt your business or family life as little as possible!

We will help you with the choice of colour

Are you wondering what colour facade coating to choose? Our staff has extensive experience in selecting the right shades of colour. You can choose from a wide range of colours from our swatches. We use KEIM Novosil, a high quality dispersion silicate paint with a modified special binder and a preventive protective film against mould, algae or bacteria. The coating is highly vapour permeable, water repellent, mineral matt, colourfast and environmentally friendly.

What is the principle of the facade

The façade has not only an aesthetic function, but also a practical one. The façade protects the perimeter walls against the weather, protects the load-bearing walls from moisture, frost and sunlight. However, each façade has a different service life. This can be easily extended with proper maintenance and regular cleaning. Without regular maintenance, it tends to lose its chemical integrity. If its renewal, renovation or cleaning is not addressed in time, mechanical damage occurs. This appears at first as small cracks, which eventually progress to extensive damage. Their repair is then financially demanding.

Have you not paid enough attention to the facade and now the cladding is crying out for a thorough renovation? Our company can help you with that too. We will repair, paint and treat your facade so that it regains its good looks and self-cleaning abilities.

We paint facades and interiors

Our team of professional painters and decorators will help you with painting facades and painting rooms. Book our services and give your house a brand new look from the outside and inside. We provide painting of interiors, common areas and painting of cellars and attics. We also specialise in high-rise work, for example on tall or historic buildings, in companies and halls.

We also specialize in:

  • impregnation of facades and roofs
  • protective coatings, anti-corrosion coatings
  • facade renovation
  • facade coatings
  • we can help you choose the right colour
  • we can help with rust removal

Order a facade coating

Are you thinking of getting your property’s facade renovated and repainted? Order our services. Our specialist will come to you to discuss all your requirements and wishes for the facade repair with you before the implementation. After agreeing on a quote, our team of specialists will come to you. We will repair, paint and impregnate the facade so that your house looks like after a complete reconstruction and the facade will serve to your satisfaction for many years!