Roof cleaning and coating

Cleaning roofs of atmospheric dirt

Roof cleaning from lichens, algae, mould and fungi

Application of protective and hydrophobic impregnation

Renovation of tin roofs

Not only facades, but also roofs are often contaminated with dust, atmospheric dirt, as well as moss and lichens. To keep your roof looking like new, you need to clean it once in a while. There is no roof material that doesn’t need cleaning and the roof still looks like new. The roof can be painted, cleaned, but also treated so that further mould and fungi do not form. We can clean a tin roof, an eternit roof, a tile roof, an alucrete roof and an asphalt roof.

You can renovate a tin roof to make it look like new. This will restore its original functionality and appearance, as well as preserving the roofing and extending its life by up to twenty years. Renovating a tin roof also prevents the growth of mosses and lichens, which will keep the roof looking like new for many years. It will cost you much less to renovate and coat your roof than buying new roofing, by up to 75%.

Renovation of an eternit roof

The disadvantage of eternite is its relative brittleness and porous surface. In the case of eternitic roofs, this results in a greater amount of moss, lichens or salt blooms. However, these disadvantages of an eternit roof can be minimized, and in some cases even eliminated, by professional roof renovation, which is handled by our specialists.

We renovate tiled roofs

Do you have a tiled roof and are worried about leaks, leaks or simply that your house no longer suits this roof due to its advanced age? Give it a cleansing treatment in the form of a refurbishment and a new coat of paint. Restore the shine to your tiled roof and extend its life by 15 years or more.Renovating an asphalt roof is a fast, effective and affordable way to prevent leaks or seepage. We can extend the life of your roofing, restore your roof to a beautiful appearance and make your house look like new again.

We renovate asphalt roofs

Renovating an asphalt roof is a fast, effective and affordable way to prevent leaks or seepage. We can extend the life of your roofing, restore your roof to a beautiful appearance and make your house look like new again.

Waterproofing of flat roofs

This service is most commonly used for coating and waterproofing restoration of asphalt shingle roofs. It is also possible to use it to coat the roofing accessories at the same time as the roof coating. For example, galvanised sheet metal, aluminium sheet or steel sheet with an anti-corrosion coating. The waterproofing together with the reinforcing fabric forms a waterproofing system for the repair of flat roofs with a slope of at least 1° and long-term water load, but no more than 6 months continuously without drying out. This system is used to protect, maintain and repair older asphalt shingle roofing. An added bonus is SANAKRYL TOP, which can be used on roofs with a pitch of up to 15°, even in fire hazardous areas.

Roof renovation procedure


We pride ourselves on not destroying or contaminating any elements of your home during our work. The first step in renovating an eternit roof is to carefully cover all areas, namely windows, chimneys, weathervanes, parts of the facade and other areas that must not come into contact with water, primer or paint.


The second step in renovating an eternit roof is to thoroughly clean it of dust, dirt and any vegetation such as mosses, lichens and fungi. For this purpose, we use a professional high-pressure washer from Karcher, which is able to clean the roof perfectly and prepare the roof area for the final spraying of the paint.


When the roof is completely cleaned of all dirt, it is followed by a detailed inspection and replacement of cracked eternit templates, ridges and cleaning of all damaged parts and components.


The next step is to prime the entire roof. This strengthens the surface of the eternit templates and fills the micropores. Penetration is applied in a single coat and is essential for perfect and even paint adhesion later on. Without a primer, the roof could have unwanted stains on it and the paint could peel off.


The penultimate step is the coating of the eternit roof, which is applied in up to three layers, depending on the colour chosen and the recommended technological procedure. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the paint adheres perfectly in all areas, including joints, and to achieve a highly durable roof coating.

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