Repair of cracks on the façade

We use KEIM Novosil paint with a protective film against algae and mould.

KEIM paints are mineral-based, so they do not provide any nutrients for mould.

Air moisture does not collect on their surface, it can seep through the paint layer into the wall without any barriers and evaporate from there. Walls painted with KEIM remain dry and “actively breathe” even under high moisture loads. This is important for a healthy indoor climate and a prerequisite for the prevention of mould. The high pH, typical of silicate materials, also prevents mould growth.

They lack all the conditions for growth – and that without poisonous additives, biocides and fungicides. This is a huge advantage especially for children and allergy sufferers.

KEIM Novosil

High-quality dispersion silicate paint with modified special binder and preventive protective film against algae and mould infestation with light-coloured inorganic pigments and mineral fillers. For plasters on ETICS systems. Highly vapour-permeable, water-repellent, film-free, mineral matt, lightfast, environmentally friendly.