Coatings of facades

Facade coatings with a guarantee of up to 12 years

Long-term clean facade guarantee

Caparol Clean Concept Certification

We provide facade coatings with a guarantee of up to 12 years against greening and fading.

Our cooperation with Caparol allows us to offer the Caparol Clean Concept programme. We can provide a clean facade for up to 12 years.

We are a certified Caparol Clean Concept remediation company. Our staff are certified experts and will explain your options, how to clean the facade and what new paint to choose. You will finally get rid of the grey, green and unfashionable facade. Of course, we offer a friendly approach and precise work on family houses, public administration buildings, industrial buildings and panel houses.

We paint facades without scaffolding, using work platforms, ladders and climbing equipment. The paint is applied using Airless technology or a roller. For the facade coating we use only quality certified coating systems that protect the facade from mould and algae. Our coatings and paints have increased resistance to contamination, are equipped with a self-cleaning effect and high colour fastness. We also paint the bircholite facade.

Long-term clean facades with a guarantee of up to 12 years.

Thanks to many years of experience and research, Caparol is now able to offer customers in the Czech Republic an extension of its offer with a system solution for the remediation of mouldy facades with a guarantee. The solution is based on a systematic process, starting with an analysis of the building, through the design of a precise procedure for the specific building, to the granting of a guarantee of up to 12 years from the completion of the rehabilitation, directly by Caparolo.

Procedure for painting the facade


A thorough analysis of the most affected areas is needed for successful remediation. Determine if there are other defects such as cracks and fissures on the façade.


First, we wash the entire building and apply a special fungicide product that destroys all mould, fungi and moss germs.


We will repair any defects on the façade, such as peeling splints, bird holes and the like.


After thorough cleaning, we apply the primer, and then it's time to apply the two coats of paint.


Once all the work is completed, we will remove the covering foils, clean up any mess that has been created and hand the facade over to you for many years of continued use. The entire facade renovation process takes time depending on the size of the facade and the climatic conditions.

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If you are interested in facade cleaning and washing, please contact us. We approach each order individually and are happy to answer any questions and advise you. We clean and wash facades in Brno, Prague, Olomouc and throughout the Czech Republic. We will come to you by appointment, assess the condition of your property, propose an ideal solution and after an accurate measurement we will prepare a price calculation.