Cleaning petrol stations

Cleaning of oil cabinets

Cleaning of pump stands

Cleaning of petrol station ceilings

Pumping stations are often contaminated with oil stains, dust and atmospheric dirt. The strain of everyday traffic is evident here. We offer washing and cleaning of ceilings above stands, stands, oil spots and other parts at petrol stations throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We will come to you and assess the state of the pollution, propose a solution and prepare a price calculation.

Why clean soffits and oil stains?

The petrol station is a place that suffers from a lot of smog from exhaust fumes. It is important to remove these impurities regularly to protect everyone’s health as well as the environment.

Gas station like new!

Organic and atmospheric contaminants form a coating on the surface of objects that cannot be washed off with water alone. For this reason, I use special cleaning agents to clean the facades. We can also use these products to clean a ceiling that is heavily clogged. You’ll be surprised when the petrol station looks like new.

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We clean and wash facades in Brno, Prague, Olomouc and throughout the Czech Republic. We will come to you and after an accurate measurement we will prepare a price calculation.