Cleaning and washing of facades

Cleaning of facades from atmospheric dirt

Cleaning the facade of lichens, algae, mould and fungi

Application of protective and hydrophobic impregnation

How we clean facades

Do you have an older house and want it to look like new again? Or are you worried about lichen, algae or mould on your facade? We can also cope with this problem, we use fungicidal cleaning agents to clean the facades. Leave these for 30 minutes and then rinse the facade with low water pressure. The final cleaning with water neutralizes the facade, which is ready for further protective coatings.

Why is it important to clean the facade?

One of the main reasons to clean a façade is its durability. By regularly washing the facades, you avoid the effects of various atmospheric influences that pollute and mechanically damage the facade over time. Consequently, the façade ceases to be resistant to moisture. In addition, regular cleaning of the facade helps to remove any airborne vegetation that is a risk to other houses. Cleaning will also get rid of lichens, mosses and moulds that pollute the property and can also be a health hazard.

Protection for your health!

We use effective products with fungicidal additives that kill mould and harmful microorganisms. By applying these products we can restore the facade to its original “healthy” and clean condition. You will avoid health problems and inconveniences that mould, mosses and fungi can cause on the facade.

Live clean!

Organic and atmospheric contaminants form a coating on the surface of objects that cannot be washed off with water alone. For this reason, we use special cleaning agents for facade cleaning. These are designed for all types of facades. It is ideal to clean the façade once every 2 to 5 years, depending on the amount of exhalations, fly dust in the air and the degree of pollution.

Procedure for cleaning, washing and protecting the facade


First, we apply a special fungicide that kills all mould, moss and fungus germs. The next procedure is to degrease the facade.


Remove dead mould, algae and atmospheric dirt from the facade with a high-pressure cleaner.


We will repair any defects on the facade. Most often these are peeling splints, bird holes and the like.


We apply a protective coating that prevents the re-creation of mould and algae.


Apply a waterproofing coating to prevent the facade from soaking in.

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