Are you looking to repaint your facade and want your house to look and last as good as new for as long as possible? We are a certified coating company for Caparol. This German company ranks among the professionals in the field and has been on the Czech market since 1994. In addition, Caparol guarantees the work for up to 12 years, depending on the type of paint.

Our craftsmen are certified experts who will advise you on the selection of a specific color, in addition to explaining your options for cleaning the facade. You will finally get rid of the green, grey, but also blackened facade. We do precise work on family houses, but also on public administration buildings, older properties intended for business, industrial buildings, or large panel houses.

The advantage of the Caparol Clean Concept system is not only the aesthetic appearance of the building, but also the elimination of several other risks. Algae and mould often appear on the surface of dirty facades. These impurities are a risk not only for allergy sufferers. In addition, dirt on the façade also causes degradation of the surface layer. The Caparol system promises a solution to all these problems. The chosen paints offer unique properties and modern technology for successful remediation of plaster and mouldy facades.

Advantages of Caparol coatings

We are one of the leaders in the field and the certificate from Caparol authorizes us to carry out remediation and painting work in this system. Take advantage of our trained staff and get all the benefits that the certificate brings. Of course, the durability of the plaster, its long life and colour saturation are backed up by research projects and continuous development and testing.


We provide facade cleaning, roof cleaning, interlocking pavement cleaning, facade painting and roof painting